Mountain Cave

Story: My last dream

Hello Humans,

That night, I was chatting with my best friend Christie, she told me that my crush Samantha doesn’t really likes me. I thought that she was joking.

I slept.

As usual, I was dreaming about me and Samantha wandering over a deserted beach at night near the shore. We were chatting about the usual when she heard that sound again.

She told me that she heard a very high-pitched wailing. It was coming from that mountain forest a few yards away. I was concerned about who it might be on that deserted place at this part of the night. He or she might be needing our help.

I asked Samantha, “If you aren’t scared of vampires, we can surely go and check out those caves in the mountains?”

She replied, “Yeah, sure.”

Soon, we found ourselves on our way to the forest. Neither of us heard that wailing again for a while. But instead, we saw the smoke coming from above our heads. We turned our heads to the mountain and spotted that it was coming from an old cave. I thought it must be some traveller and we just heard him cooking maybe. We turned back and were just going to go back to the beach shore. Then, she heard it again, more distinct than before and coming from a different direction than that cave.

She asked, “Did you heard it?”

“Yeah, I did. Must be some bird or something” I replied.

She said, “Don’t be heartless so soon. We might need it later.”

“How are you so intimidating, and flirtatious at the same time?”, I replied back with a coy smile.

She smiled back.

We decided to find the true origin of that shrill wail. We were wandering across the jungle when we found that abandoned treehouse. That sound was coming from there.

We climbed it carefully enough not to break the steps of the ladder. I climbed first so as to ensure that it is safe enough for Samantha. We found an old man lying on a bed making that noise, who on my arrival sat straight.

Samantha entered the treehouse and just ran towards that man, exclaiming,

“Father, I’d brought some food for you.”

I wondered how and when she picked up food for him or why was her father there in that treehouse.

All my doubts were cleared in the next 15 minutes.

When her dad cut my chest with his bare nails and squeezed my still pumping heart out of my body. Now I knew, why she didn’t want me to be heartless.

Then I woke up, “Oh my God, it was just a dream.” I felt relieved.

Samantha was staring at me. She gave me a hand and helped me stand up.

She questioned me, “Why did you sleep while waiting for me on the beach?”

I apologized.

Yours Devil.

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