Experiment 1 Excessive Water

Premix Tea: Experiment 1 Excessive Water

Hello Humans,

Today, was the first time I made a premixed Tea. I used a full packet of premix as recommended since I wanted to have some good tea.

I used the Wagh Bakri brand for this experiment. The selected/available flavour was “3 in 1”.

Wagh Bakri Instant Masala Tea 3 in 1

Expermient 1

I used a coffee mug and used enough water to fill it completely, I wanted to test what happens by using excessive water.


  • The premix was white dust, it didn’t resemble processsed tea leaves in the slighest, it was nearer to crushed sugar with dirt than tea leaves. It looked like the kind of food astronauts might eat. It was similar to space food as illustrated and animated in Tom and Jerry shows since my childhood.
  • I boiled the water at 100°C for about 75 seconds before pouring it in.
  • As soon as I poured water in the mug, it turned to the perfect tincture of tea, even before I used the spoon to stir.
  • As far as the taste goes, it is not the best tea I have made, but I can drink this.
  • Excessive water decreased its viscosity, thus, I would refrain more this experiment in the future.
  • The sugar content was also diluted, as a result, I had to half a spoon sugar in order to make it palatable.


Experiment 1 Excessive Water
  • Excessive water is not something I would like to try again with the Tea Premix

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