Alfred Nobel: The guy who changed his future

Hello Humans,

In France, a rich, middle-aged businessman and inventor saw a strange piece of news. The newspaper proclaimed that he had died when actually it was his brother who had passed away. The most disturbing piece was his obituary, which called him “merchant of death” (Le Marchand de la mort est mort). The man was Alfred Nobel, who invented dynamite.

With the foreknowledge of how he would be remembered after death, Alfred Nobel worked on creating a legacy that would not celebrate him as a harbinger of death and destruction. He established Nobel prizes which are given to those who bring about “Greatest benefit on mankind“. That is how we remember Nobel today, as the person who celebrates human triumph in diverse fields and not as an inventor of explosives.

This human was greatly inspiring, not only he remove some sins off his soul, but was also able to successfully change the way we remember him, changed his future. Quite an inspiring human, I must say.

Yours Devil.

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